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Happy MacBook Customers are just the beginning.

Mac Service and Repair

Apple Macs are built with a high level of quality, but they can still break down from time to time, and the screens are more fragile than ever as devices become smaller.

If you’re here because you have a broken, damaged or malfunctioning Macbook Air or Macbook Pro screen, and reside in Australia you are in the right place. 

You probably want to know 3 things!

  1. Quality
  2. Turnaround Time
  3. Cost

You want to know: is it worth fixing this Macbook screen? Should I get a new one? How long will I be without it? Who is the company I can rely on for a quality Macbook screen repair? 

Highly Rated Apple MacBook Screen Repair Service

Quality of Service

We have been providing quality Macbook screen repairs and replacements since 2010. The technicians we employ possess extensive knowledge about all types of Mac laptops including MacBooks, Macbook Pros and Macbook Air.

Quality of Parts

We use only genuine Apple parts. You get an original Apple screen, ensuring there is no compromise quality. You don’t just get the internal screen repaired, the full lid assembly is replaced as recommended by Apple

Turnaround Time To Fix A Macbook

You will be surprised by how fast MacExpress can fix your laptop. All our staff is well trained and experienced so there won’t be any issues when it comes to repairing your device.

Stock is always on hand right here in Australia. 

The total time without your laptop is on average only 4-7 workdays! This includes; door to door transport, diagnosis, screen (lid) replacement labour, as well testing and quality assurance.

Costs & Price To Repair Macbook Screens in Australia

We offer Macbook Screen Repair Australian wide, at a flat-fixed price and upfront fee. 

Depending on the model number of your Macbook (located on the base), the cost of supplying and installing a Macbook screen, including free transport will cost between $499-$749 for most modern models made between 2017-2021.

These prices are average repair costs in Australia

You can get an exact price using our free quote form

Payment Options

When is payment required?

After the repair is completed! After your new screen is fully tested and put through quality assurance, we will request payment. Payment is NOT required upfront. Only prior to return. You can prepay the repair if you wish when speed is a priority. 

What payment methods are available?

You can choose to pay by all the usual methods, including;

  • Bank Transfer (EFT)
  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express
  • BPAY Payment

Are there any payment plans?

Afterpay is not yet available for service provides. We are always looking to make life easier for clients and continue to research payment plans for our mac screen repair service.

How the door to door service works

The Couriers

We partner with a trusted Australian courier company – StarTrack,  whose network reaches from the remote outback regions of Australia to inner-city suburbs. We use their premium collection service option for your Mac

Your Macbook is insured for up to $3000 in transport and whilst in our care, and StarTrack provides a world-class tracking system, so you can monitor it’s whereabouts in real-time. 

Booking the courier

As soon as you approve the quotation, you will be given simple instructions on how to book your collection. The collection can be from your home, office, friends house or workplace.

Business and workplace collections are great, as the collection is made during business hours. We will need a window for the courier to make the collection, usually between 12pm-5pm. 

Someone is best to be there to hand it to the driver, however, you can leave it out if you deem it safe.  

Requirements to book a courier

You will just need a Box and a Printer

  1. A box – something to pack the MacBook. It doesn’t need to be an original Mac box, but it has to be a box (no bags, laptop bags etc)
  2. A Printer – You will need to be able to print a label (connote) we will send you when we have your information. 

If you don’t know what sort of box to use, or where to get one, see our suggestions here. 


If you don’t have a printer – no problems, see some of our suggestions here

Fast Working

Your Mac is fixed the same day we receive it. 

Australia Wide

Quality Original Genuine Parts – on point and cost effective

Quick Support

Up-to-date fully trackable repairs – never are you left in the dark!

Broken Macbook Screen

Fix Your MacBook Screen Today!

The best screens are not easy to come by. There are many counterfeits out there. After years in the business, we can spot a fake and have secured a supply chain, direct from the manufacturer. This is the place you can rest assured in receiving correct genuine parts, and all come with a certificate of authenticity and a full 3-year manufacturers warranty. 

  • Broken Macbook Screens
  • Damaged Macbook Screens
  • Lines on Macbook Screens
  • Cracked Macbook Screens
  • Internal Leaking Macbook Screens

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