Mac Screen Repairs With A Twist


Since 2012

Since 2012 we have been repairing Macbook and Apple screens for Australian residences and businesses, using what was then a revolutionary new method.

Laptop Repair by mail order!

In the early days, it took much legwork, to educate the customer and convince them that they could actually get their laptop repaired, by shipping it off in the mail.

Now in 2021, it seems everything is now being repaired by mail, from handbags to knife sharpening.

Beyond 2021

We know the last couple of years have been tough for many industries and people, and we have been happy to support and continue to support you by having a minimum of downtime for your Apple Mac Screen repair, and keeping it at the most economical price as possible.

I need the original quality Macbook screen and have been burnt in the past with inferior screen replacement service. MacExpress is the real deal.
Jason Limburg