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Broken laptop screens are no fun! It’s a pain, no one really wants to deal with, especially when it’s their MacBook and there are so few repair shops offering quality Apple Mac screen repairs in New South Wales!

The good news, there is a solution. It is now faster and more convenient than ever to have a Apple laptop fixed fast.

We offer quality Genuine Macbook screen repairs and replacements services, and have a free pick up and return service, from your home or workplace across NSW.

Apple Mac Screen Repair Service Covering All New South Wales Suburbs

We Repair all Types of Macbook Screen Issues

If your MacBook screen is damaged, we can help. It may look like the screen is internally cracked or has internal leaking or bleeding. These internal cracks mean you need a new replacement Macbook Screen Assembly. 

The issue may look a little different, showing signs of cracked glass, external cracks, verticle lines, horizontal lines, jagged lines and flickering screens. We also see a fair share of Apple Mac lids with damage such as bent corners, dents, scratches, hinge issues and more.

You may have a MacBook with a distorted display or picture, a blank screen, no backlight, dim screen, black screen, grey screen, white screen or colourful screen.

Regardless of the screen issue, you are experiencing, we are sure to have the best price and fastest screen repair or replacement solution for you.

Wondering how the MacBook Screen may have been damaged?

It’s not uncommon for customers to come to us, and have no idea how their MacBook screen was even damaged in the first place. The damage to the monitor may have been accidentally caused by pets or children. 

Perhaps you simply pulled it out of your laptop bag and noticed the cracked screen. LCDs are fragile, (as I am sure you are aware now) and may have become damaged, by a minor impact on the lid or pressure on the screen. 

Other clients know exactly how their MacBook screen was smashed. Someone dropped it, punched, or kicked it. It’s very common for something to be lodged between the keyboard and monitor when the lid was being closed, something small, like a USB drive, charging cord, or webcam privacy cover. 

Even just picking the laptop up on a bad angle or by the actual lid, may have been enough to put a hairline crack, through the fragile retina display. 

But all is not lost. MacBook Screens can be repaired or replaced with our Macbook Repair service available to all residents in New South Wales (NSW)

Some of the common model MacBooks we repair in New South Wales

Apple Macbook Air Screen Replacement @ New South WalesA1466, A2179, A1932, M1 A2337
Apple MacBook Pro Screen Replacement @ New South WalesA1706, A1708, A1989, A2289, A2251, A2141, M1 A2338
I have been looking for a decent computer repairer for years. I have finally found an expert Apple repair company and would highly recommend this screen repair service to anyone in the New South Wales area.
Jason Limburg
Macbook Pro Owner

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