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MacBook Screen Repairs around Geelong

If you are here because you have smashed your Macbook screen, you are in the right place and we can help. Firstly, sorry to hear you have damaged the laptop screen.

It’s a hassle and expense that no one wants to deal with. We have been providing Macbook Screen repairs to residents in for years.

We work hard to bring your fast, low-cost genuine Macbook Screen repairs and have been taking the pain out of organizing the repair, by operating our free pick up and return service MacBook LCD repair & replacement service all over Geelong

Apple Mac Screen Repair Service Covering All Geelong Suburbs

Repairing Every Possible Macbook Screen Problem

There are so many different MacBook screen issues you may be experiencing.

We help MacBook owners everyday to fix and repair a range of different LCD issues such as, cracked, smashed and broken screens, Mac LCD screens with lines or where the picture on the monitor is distorted or looking like it has been broken on the inside. 

Some come to us with dent lids, or damaged hinges, or other physical damage. As this type of damage is not a warranty matter, Apple care is not much help, but we have solution for every Apple screen problem you have. 

Wondering how the MacBook Screen may have been damaged?

We hear so many unfortunate stories of how our clients come to break their Macbook Air or Macbook Pro screen. Both the Air’s and the Pro’s are now as fragile as each other, and there is a never-ending effort, by manufacturers like Apple, to try to compress the highest technology, in the smallest space in order to to have our devices weigh as little as possible.

There is a compromise, where durability is sacrificed, to make the laptop the most comfortable to use and transport. MacBooks are simply not built to be a tough and rugged device, and they are susceptible to breakage in many ways. 

Some of the common screen damage causes we hear are; damaged screens from being bumped, dropped, kicked, pushed, slapped, or fall from a desk. Some are broken by a kid at school, by airport security or in baggage, or even by an overexcited pet or child. 

Many people simply pick up their laptops the wrong way and the screen breaks. We often hear of the user closing something between the keyboard and lid, causing the screen to shatter.

Just because your screen is damaged, the Mac laptop is not ruined, and we have a solution to help your repair the Macbook Screen, regardless of where you in Geelong

Some of the common model MacBooks we repair in Geelong

Apple Macbook Air Screen Replacement @ GeelongA1466, A2179, A1932, M1 A2337
Apple MacBook Pro Screen Replacement @ GeelongA1706, A1708, A1989, A2289, A2251, A2141, M1 A2338
I have been looking for a decent computer repairer for years. I have finally found an expert Apple repair company and would highly recommend this screen repair service to anyone in the Geelong area.
Jason Limburg
Macbook Pro Owner

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